Few events have the power to stop us in our tracks that are so epochal you'll always remember where you were when you heard.    J.F.K.   Apollo 11.  9/11.


And Sarah Palin's backyard.


Speaking from her home in Wasilla, Alaska, the governor said that she had ruled out seeking a second term and, for the good of the state, would step down with 18 months left in her term and hand the job to her lieutenant governor. The announcement unleashed torrid speculation of a possible 2012 bid for president.


"Alaskans deserve a full time governor, not a lame duck," said Palin, in a skillful rhetorical turn on disabled water fowl.  Resigned to attacks by the "lame stream media" she added, "I expect a full-court press from the haters kicking a good point guard in the shins."  (Palin was a notoriously aggressive basketball star in high school.)


The moment was filled with histrionics and mind-bending incoherence.  Palin struggles with degenerative "Narcissistic Maverick Disorder" and Sophophobia (fear of learning). "N.M.D. is cruel", said an aide. "I don't wish it on my worst enemy."


Years later, when you hear the name Sarah Palin, you'll remember exactly where you were when the world stopped to watch the former Wasilla High point guard drive to the hole and throw a no-look pass to God.